Public Relations

PR is sometimes also referred to as ”earned media”, which is a description that fits well what we do at Outdoor Relations. Because to us PR can be so much more than simply sending out press releases and building relationships with journalists. It’s about truly understanding your audience and industry, managing relationships with a diverse group of influencers who span from traditional media and key-journalists to thought-leaders, bloggers and micro-influencers. It’s about earning a voice, because you have great products, good stories and cool content, and Outdoor Relations can help you earn that voice through a variety of different approaches. From traditional media relations and pitching stories to sponsorships and industry co-branding opportunities or writing a press release and making sure it reaches the right people.

We love working with strategic aims and long-term relations, but PR can as easily be short-term campaigns or a single newsletter.

We help brands get awareness – not only in the traditional media, but through a multi-channel approach, making sure that we hit as many relevant touchpoints as possible. And we are with you all the way from we map your needs and stories to we placed the story with the right outlet and start producing.

Social Media- and Influencers management

Let us manage your online appearance by monitoring and guiding the social media presence of your brand or product on a daily basis. We can assist with generating content, creating new ideas, answering social media inquiries or simple making a content plan to get you started on your own. We can also help measure the effectiveness of your brand’s online presence by creating engaging content to increase brand awareness on relevant social media.

Outdoor Relations also has a big and widespread network of some of Europe’s most interesting influencers and content creators. Today’s consumers are influenced greatly by family, friends, but also what they read and see online. Consumers are looking more and more to influencers and thought leaders in specific fields for inspiration, advise, reviews and know how on where to go, what to see and what products to buy. Influencer marketing is a lot more than just throwing money at celebrities for product placements; it’s a strategic process of getting your product in the hands of the right persons and extending the reach of your message to the audiences you care about through earned, paid and social media.

Press Events

The opportunity to get your product in the environment and situation it was intended and present it directly to thought leaders and the people that determine the public’s perception can make all the difference. Firsthand experience with a product is everything and getting your products into the hands of journalists and other influencers in an environment that you control is the best and most effective way of getting positive reactions and attracting attention.  We can help you arrange your very own press event and help you find the right partners. We can take care of everything from generating a concept that is spot on for your product, to securing the right location, inviting the best journalists and making sure everything runs smooth and on time. Giving you invaluable facetime with key-journalists and influencers to demonstrate your products or services in the best possible setting.