Jens Ditlev Rosenvinge has work with PR, communications and events for more than 10 years.

For the last almost three years Jens has worked as International PR- and Communications Manager for Härkila and Seeland – two of Europe’s biggest hunting clothing brands. During his time at Härkila and Seeland Jens put together a new PR-strategy and much more proactive approach to media relations, expanded the network of both press and industry contacts, resulting in a dramatic increase in both the quality and quantity of press clipping as well as general brand awareness. This resulted in Härkila being the best know brand in hunting clothing across northern Europe with a penetration close to 100% with Scandinavian hunters. Jens developed, planned and executed Seeland first international press event with participants from Europe and USA. Jens was also a driving factor in getting a working social media strategy for Härkila and raised the brand’s Instagram following from a few thousand to 40.000 organically generated followers in about two years. He also led the structuring and selection for official Härkila and Seeland ambassador teams.

In 2019 Jens founded his own PR agency – Outdoor Relations in order to bring value and awareness to more brands in the hunting and outdoor industries by further developing the proactive approach to journalists, influencers and other thought leaders.

Prior to creating awareness in the hunting and outdoor world, Jens worked in the highly competitive movie industry as Regional PR Manager for some of the biggest Hollywood companies including Warner Brothers and 20 th Century Fox. He has been responsible for national campaigns and event for movies like Harry Potter, James Bond and The Hobbit and has arranged several international press events and well as red carpet events with international talent. But realizing that he spent more time hunting than going to the cinema, it seemed time to change industry and in 2016 Jens signed with Härkila and Seeland.

The inspiration of the name Outdoor Relations is pretty straight forward. We basically just combine the two things that we enjoy the most. We are passioned hunters and outdoorsmen and we love working with, creating value and developing relations to the many passioned, talented and hard-working people in these industries.